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y-General for Humanitari〓an Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Mark Low〓cock, said the current situation "is really, really c〓hallenging." "There are currently over 30 million peo〓ple in the affected cH

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ountries, who are severely food 〓insecure now. Ten million of those people are in the 〓places affected by the locusts. Unless 1

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we get a grip 〓of this in the next two or three or four weeks, we wo〓uld have a serious problem," he stressed. To avoid a 〓f5

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amine, University of Nairobi professor Evaristus Ira〓ndu said the government may have to use the scarce fo〓reign curre4

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ncy to import food products, adding that p〓overty will increase in the country. "All our investm〓ent is going down the drainU

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. The sorghum and millet c〓rops were about to mature and we would have ha4

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rvested〓 next month," said Nathan Njiru, a farmer in Tharaka 〓Nithi, whose livelihood la9

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rgely depends on selling soO

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id the locuu
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st outbr〓ey
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orsened the s

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〓rghum to Nairobi's beer brewers. In Ethiopia, the loc〓usts have so far consumed theE

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vegetation on more than〓 65,000 hectares of land, including coffee and tea cr〓ops that account for about 30 percent of Ethiopia8

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's e〓xports. A Moody's Investors Service report issued in 〓early February showed that agriculture contributes ab〓out one-third of the gs

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ross domestic product in East A〓frica and more than 65 percent of jobs in all regiona〓l coun1

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